Below is a break down of the design process... 

Phase 1:  Code Research and As-built Drawings

The first step is to do a site visit to measure and draft a set of plans that reflect the existing floor plan and site conditions.  From here I confirm any Building Department or Planning Department requirements for setbacks, height limitations, fire codes etc. and make sure the design will satisfy these code requirements.  At this point if there are no barriers to the design due to code I will begin laying out the proposed floor plans...

Phase 2: Schematic Design

I use the as-built drawings as a base to start exploring different layouts.  The focus of this phase is more "big picture", and understanding your practical requirements, and seeing how the functional needs can be met while creating a beautiful space.  Depending on the size and complexity of the project anywhere from 3-5 options can be explored, and multiple meetings are held to listen to you and wrap your feedback and comments into a final design we all love. 

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In addition to floor plans I use a 3D software to model the spaces, and gather inspiration images to help develop an overall aesthetic.  I have found that most clients have an idea of what they want in the design, but I always bring something new to the table, to flip it all around and provide a fresh perspective.

Phase 3:  Design Development

In this phase lighting plans, elevations, section cuts, details and dimensions are added to create a pricing set to develop the final design.

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Phase 4:  Construction Documents

The construction documents are the final drawings that are submitted for permitting, and ultimately be used to build from.  In this phase there is a layer of information that is required by Building and Planning (site plans, Title 24, etc.) that is added to the drawing set.  Structural coordination is finalized at this time as well.

Phase 5: Bidding

I will help facilitate bids from up to 3 contractors, and can recommend General Contractors that I have worked with and trust to do quality work at a good value.

Phase 6: Construction Administration

My typical design proposal includes several key site visits at the start and completion of construction. For an additional service I will stay on through construction as a Project Manager representing the owner.  This entails assisting the GC in construction coordination and being available to be on site as required to check that  lighting placement, finish work and other trade coordinations are being completed per the drawings. The fee for this is a percentage of the build cost, and is scaled based on the complexity and size of the project.